Feast upon our cheese fries, ye mighty.

Grill Hours

Sun-Thursday 7pm till at least 4am
Fri and Sat 7pm till at least 5:30am


Hamburgers $5.50
ΒΌ lb. of meat, seasoned and grilled to perfection.
Add On Extras: Shredded mixed cheese, Bacon, Mushrooms, Chili, Jalapenos, Grilled onions and peppers. $0.50 each

Seasoned Waffle Fries $4.50
A large basket of the seasoned waffle-cut fries.

F&M Famous Cheese Fries $6.00
Seasoned , crispy waffle fries smothered with a our house blend of three cheeses baked and finished with green onions.

Deluxe Cheese Fries $6.50
Our cheese fries topped with Bacon, Chili and Jalapenos. Tasty.

Quesadillas $5.00
Two tortillas grilled on the charbroiler stuffed with grilled onions and peppers, salsa, and cheese.

Add chicken strips or alligator sausage $6.00

Chicken Fingers $6.00
With the choice of honey mustard, barbeque, or ranch as the dipping sauce.

Eggrolls 6 for $5.00
Fried till golden brown. Spicy.